Golden Hill Land Claims
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Golden Hill Land Claims

The Tribes Mission

The Tribe seeks justice as provided for them under the United States Constitution, i.e. in compensation for the thousands of acres of land that was wrongly taken from their forefathers, they would like Federal Recognition and the ability to take advantage of all the benefits that Federal Recognition brings. 


2pimages/landclaims2.JPG (59147 bytes)Towns in Connecticut were Tribe has land claims. 

2pimages/paugclaims.JPG (75135 bytes)Paugussett Indians claim additional 71 acres downtown.

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Land Claims History 
Aboriginal Settlement In Bridgeport Prehistory Through 1842 


Land Claims of the Golden Hill Paugussett Tribe


The Golden Hill Tribe has done extensive historical and legal research which has resulted in the development of three types of land claims:


  1.     Federal land claims where transfers were made in violation of a Federal law passed in 1790 which says that no Indian tribe can transfer land without approval of the United States Congress (the Non-Intercourse Act).

  2.       State land claims where transfers were made in violation of a 1680 Connecticut Colony law which says that no property reserved for an Indian Tribe     could ever be transferred.  

  3.    State land claims where no deeds by the Tribe to Indian land were ever made.

These land claims are in the following cities and towns in Connecticut:


1.          State claim to the reservation located in the area bordered by the  Pequonnock River and Long Island Sound which was known then as "Wolf Pit Plain" and "Wolf Pit Neck".  This reservation encompassed Seaside Park and much of the surrounding developed areas.

2.         State claim to reservation property known as "Golden Hill" which was most likely close to 150 acres and encompassed the Golden Hill area, a portion of Lafayette Boulevard and a portion of Main Street in the vicinity of People's Bank.  

3.         State claim to reservation property known as "Old Field" which was a large reservation located in the Mountain Grove Cemetery section of Bridgeport.

4.         Federal claim to 20 acres of land in downtown Bridgeport.  

5.         Federal claim to area known as "New Pasture Point" which is the site of the old United illuminating plant. 


6.         State "no deed" claim to approximately one-third of the Town of Westport between Sherwood Island and the Saugatuck River including the main commercial section of the town.

7.         State claim to Clapboard Hill reservation, Greens Farms.




8.         State "no deed" claim to the northern portion of Redding where "Lonetown" reservation was located.             


9.         State claim to approximately 100 acres known as the  "Lonetown"  reservation.


Southport (Fairfield)


10         State claim to reservation property known as "Rocky Neck" which comprises the downtown 

section of Southport,  on the west side of Southport Harbor and the Mill River.




11.        State claim to property known as the "Pootatuck" reservation which was a large tract of land located adjacent to the Pomperaug River.




12.        State claim to a 100 acre parcel of land known as the "Corum Hill" reservation.




13.        State claim to a large portion of property known as the "Naugatuck"  reservation located adjacent to downtown Seymour.


14.        Federal claim to a smaller portion of the property known as the Naugatuck reservation.




15.       Federal claim to 100 acres of land known as the "Turkey Hill" reservation



16.        State and Federal claim to 15 acres of land owned by the Tribe in the 1800's.


17.       State and federal no-deed claim to land purchased from the Tribe in the Rimmon Road area of Woodbridge.

New Haven


18.       State claim to a large reservation located on the east side of the Quinnipiac River.




19.       State claim to a large reservation located at Indian Neck.




20.      State claim to reservation located on west side of Connecticut River.


Portland - East Hampton


21.        State claim to 300 acre reservation on east side of Connecticut River in original Middletown.




In the 19th century the Tribal overseers loaned money from the Golden Hill fund and took back mortgages. This happened many times in many different locations.  In Connecticut a mortgage transaction actually transfers title.  The execution by Tribal overseers on behalf of the Tribe of quitclaim deed releases violated the Non-Intercourse Act.




The deed from the Tribe to the colonists by which Old Stratford (the current towns of Bridgeport, Stratford, Trumbull, Shelton and Monroe) was obtained by fraud.


These land claims involve billions of dollars of land and involve a population in excess of 3 00,000.

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