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Media Coverage of Golden Hill Paugussett Nation

Indians win ruling against state, Connecticut Post

Paugussetts win one, page1 page2, Connecticut Post, May 25, 1999

Tribe tenaciously asserts its identity, rights, Connecticut Post, October 10, 1999
State loses bid to halt appeal by Indians page1 page2,Connecticut Post, Aug 27, 1999
Paugussetts gain a victory over state, Republican-American,  August 10, 1999
Blumenthal, Feds at odds over Paugussetts, New Haven Register, July 1, 1999
Tribe lists claims on 14 individual properties, Connecticut Post, Sept 11, 1992
Tribe's lawsuit claims 20 acres, Connecticut Post, Sept 14, 1992
Indians claim Bridgeport properties, Connecticut Post, August 19, 1992
Paugussetts claim not a far-fetched attempt to gain attention, Connecticut Post, Sept. 6, 1992 
Tribe take on Conn. town, USA Today, June 24, 1993
Land Claim By Indians Is a Tactic In Casino Bid page 1 page 2, New York Times, June 21, 1993 Clips from this Article:
 clip1.JPG (95527 bytes) Aurelius H. Piper Jr., a social worker and the Tribal council leader, who uses the name Chief Quiet Hawk, said the state of Connecticut's opposition to the Paugussetts claims were based on racism.
clip2.JPG (77252 bytes) The Golden Hill Paugussett Indians are staking claim to Bridgeport, Conn., and four surrounding suburbs - casting a cloud over $10 billion in Fairfield County real estate.  A meeting was held  at the Madison Middle School in Trumbull, Conn., to discuss the situation.
clip3.JPG (79681 bytes) New Dispute Over Old Claim
Indians rate sympathy - after all, Bridgeport is prize, Hartford Courant, June 23, 1993
Public needed to hear Indian claims confab, Connecticut Post, June 23, 1993
Selectmen eyeing suit against Indians, New Hampshire Register, June 17, 1993
Land claims have everybody talking, Connecticut Post, June 17, 1993
State lawmakers promise to counter Indians' moves, Connecticut Post, June 17, 1993
Parody clip from the Connecticut Post June 13, 1993 
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